Dart Partners With John Gray High School For Career Mentoring Programme


Back row, left to right: Tom Madden, VP – Asset Management, Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., Chris Duggan, VP Community Development, Dart Enterprises, Jenni Huys, VP Middle Office, Dart Management Services Ltd., Jeff Sauvage, General Manager, North Sound Golf Course, Ben Cullen, Chief Financial Officer, Active Capital Ltd., Lou Dimitrov, Senior Financial Analyst, Dart Enterprises, Ravi Campbell, Applications Manager – IT, Dart Enterprises, Ben Hart, Attorney, Dart Enterprises, Arlond Brooks, Tempo Worldwide Ltd., Jeana Ebanks, Senior Manager Operations, Dart Management Services Ltd., Nadine Hayle, Senior Manager Middle Office, Dart Management Services Ltd., Brenda Miller, VP Human Resources, Active Capital Ltd., Wes Heistand, an educator at John Gray High School.
Front row, left to right: Jackie Doak, President Dart Realty Cayman Limited and Glenda McTaggart, Manager, Education Programmes.

Dart hosted the final session of its six-month Minds Inspired Career Mentoring Programme on Tuesday, 28 June with ten John Gray High School students. Minds Inspired embodies the Dart family’s approach to, and philosophy of, pursuing educational excellence and this year it introduced its first formal mentoring programme.

Throughout the six-month programme, the students visited the Dart offices for the opportunity to learn from and interact with mentors working in fields such as law, asset management, human resources, engineering, accounting and golf management and operations. The students were able to witness firsthand the ins and outs of the diverse range of work areas and roles and to hear from the company’s senior leaders and executives.

“Dart is a company of many industries, departments and specialisations,” said Mark VanDevelde, CEO of Dart. “We were able to provide the students with a look inside the many study and career opportunities in Cayman without having to leave the building. That is something that, as a company, we are proud to be able to accomplish through our Minds Inspired Education Programme.”

For the final session of this mentoring programme, the group was addressed by Jackie Doak, President of Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., as she spoke of Dart’s 10-year development plans.

“These ten young, aspiring minds are the future of Cayman and I wanted to share Dart’s vision for the future with them,” said Jackie Doak, President of Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. “The students were enthusiastic about the 10-year plan and the proposed developments and I hope that by sharing this they now have an understanding of what the future can hold. The sky is the limit”.


2/2 Dart Partners with John Gray High School for Career Mentoring Programme
Wes Heistand, an educator at John Gray High School, said the students and the school appreciated the partnership that has been created with John Gray High School and Dart.

“The monthly mentorship meetings exposed students to jobs and industries that were previously unknown to them,” Mr. Heistand said. “The opportunity, time and resources that were invested into our students will surely pay dividends in the future.”

The students also found the sessions beneficial, as they provided them with a real-world learning experience and gave them some insight into the business world.

“I appreciated the one-on-one meetings that helped me understand things about the real world and how to achieve your goals in life,” said Troy Powery.

“The Dart mentoring programme has exposed me to many career paths available in the Cayman Islands and taught me many skills that prepared me for the world of work. By attending this programme I was able to shape my future in the way that fits me best,” added Allison C. Tatum.

In addition to working with mentors, the students listened to presentations from a number of professionals about their industries and projects related to their jobs. Presenters covered topics including careers in information technology, construction management, marketing, law, various accounting qualifications and the One Young World conference – with the series ending with Mrs Doak presentation on Dart’s future development plans.

“I have taken away different leadership strategies which I hope to use at school and in the workplace,” stated Najah Lewin, a student with the Career Mentoring Programme. “This experience has also expanded my mind regarding numerous occupations and I now have a clearer path for my future”.

To learn more about the Minds Inspired Education Programme please visit mindsinspired.ky.

The Minds Inspired Education Programme supports the Dart family’s philosophy of promoting education and fostering academic excellence in math and science. The Dart Group believes that mathematics and science are fundamental building blocks for both academic and career success. Visit mindsinspired.ky for details.

Dart Cayman Islands encompasses a number of businesses that operate in Grand Cayman and is also the developer of the Town of Camana Bay. For more details, visit dartenterprises.biz or camanabay.com.

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