David and Ethan at SuperCamp at Brown University July 17-26

In addition to receiving tuition funding and mentoring by Dart employees, Minds inspired Scholars are given access to local and overseas enrichment opportunities.

The main enrichment opportunity selected for the programme this year was SuperCamp (Supercamp.com). SuperCamp is a residential, ten day camp focused  on academic, life and career skills, and outdoor activities. The SuperCamp programme is designed to enhance academic, leadership, communication and other essential skills for achievement and success.

Each summer, these camps are held at a variety of prestigious college campuses nationwide and select global locations. David and Ethan chose to attend the campus of Brown University in Rhode Island in July and became active participants in the SuperCamp experience.

Check out a few photos of David and Ethan at SuperCamp at Brown University.

SuperCamp is a place of non-stop activity, where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exciting outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises.

It’s renewed confidence emerging from a sense of team. It’s intense days of discovery and motivation from wake-up to lights-out. It’s a program taught by experts, offering skills that last a lifetime.

Imagine the experience of success and growing confidence every step of the way. That’s SuperCamp!


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