Fifteen bright young Caymanians, who took part in the first Mi Academy Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Camp, will be telling teachers and friends alike that their careers as engineers started over the summer.

Dart Minds Inspired partnered with prestigious marine and naval educator Webb Institute to present the naval architecture and marine engineering summer academy 31 July – 4 August. The group was comprised of young men and women from six schools, ages 12-15, who spent five days learning advanced engineering concepts and applying them as they built their own nautical devices.

Matthew Werner, Dean of Webb Institute led the camp with the support of four teaching assistants. “The purpose of the programme is to engage students in the design process and then use that process to build something that they can operate,” said Mr. Werner. “At the end of each day, we ask the students if they would use the same design again and they most often say no, which tells us that they learned something.” 

Each day began in the classroom, with the students learning basic engineering concepts. Working in groups, they designed and built their own marine vehicles and then took their vehicles through a series of tests to determine which team had the most successful design.

“Since the camp, my son has been spending more time sharing his design ideas with our family. I can’t thank Minds Inspired enough for challenging him and possibly introducing him to his future career,” said parent April Cummings.

Webb Institute is an undergraduate institution that specialises in marine and naval education and is known for its challenging academics and record of securing job placements for all graduates in top engineering companies worldwide. Every student accepted to the institute receives a four-year full scholarship towards tuition and an eight-month paid internship.

“We are proud of how successful the Mi Academy camp was,” said Dart’s Education Programmes Manager, Glenda McTaggart. “We received great feedback from the participants and their parents, and we hope to maintain our partnership with the Webb Institute so that we can expose more young Caymanians to the potential careers in marine engineering and naval architecture.”

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