The Minds Inspired Scholarship is a comprehensive programme that funds and mentors scholars through their high school education and into tertiary study. Two scholarships are awarded each academic year to students entering Grade 9 (Year 10).

The Minds Inspired Scholarship Programme includes:

  • Payment of all school fees for a period of four years at the local school of choice
  • Additional funds for books and uniforms
  • Structured mentoring from Dart employees
  • Enrichment activities including an annual overseas math or science-related field trip
  • Creation of a college fund that builds over the period of scholarship
  • Job experience and financial planning advice
  • A grant of $1000 for the math or science programme at the scholars’ schools

Successful scholars may choose to attend any school, public or private, and are free to remain in their current high school or to move to a new school, provided space is available..