Drew Milgate

Drew Milgate, Minds Inspired Scholar


Drew Milgate
2013 Minds Inspired Scholar
Brighton College in the UK

Drew’s keen interest in technology and engineering made him a natural fit within Decco’s (Dart’s development company) Design Group.  During school breaks, he worked within the engineering and design team, putting his technical knowledge into practice and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Drew’s technical accomplishments include building a computer from the ground up, programming using Python on a Raspberry Pi, robotics competitions, and recently completing an extensive course on engineering and programming with the Arduino Platform this summer at Stanford University.

The 2015/16 academic year yielded tremendous results for Drew. His examination scores were near perfect, achieving A* in all subject areas and his hard work was recognised with the Headmaster’s Award for achievement. In addition to his exceptional academic results, Drew is a respected leader at Brighton College, was recently appointed Prefect and has been instrumental in bringing guest speakers to speak to the school community.

An outstanding mathematician and chemist, Drew participated in the Cambridge Lower Sixth Chemistry Challenge and earned the Roentgenium, the highest award, which only 0.76% of students achieve. This result secured him a place at the residential chemistry camp at Cambridge.

A keen traveller, Drew has made numerous trips to Switzerland, spending time at CERN with its scientific community. Recent travels have taken him to Canada, California, Colorado and Hawaii, and when not studying or travelling, Drew is a keen sportsman who swims and sails during school breaks, has been a Rugby Union member for multiple years, and during the school year is a member of the running club.

Drew, we look forward to hearing more about where your tertiary studies will take you.

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