The Dart Group

Dart Enterprises Ltd., owned by Kenneth Dart, is the holding company for a group of portfolio companies across several industries. The company is based in the Cayman Islands but has a global reach with investments around the world. Holdings include real estate development, retail, finance and technology.

Dart gives to the community under the Dart Foundation, a private family foundation established in 1984 by William A. and Clair T. Dart. Dart also gives locally through its Cayman Islands office. Dart Cayman Islands supports a large number of charities, many of which focus on youth activities as well as sports, community, arts & culture, health, business awareness and education.

The Minds Inspired Scholarship Programme builds on Dart’s belief that mathematics and science are fundamental building blocks for both academic and career success. The programme will help meet the need for future graduates in these disciplines by increasing the quality and quantity of young Caymanians pursing mathematics- and science-related careers.

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