Chloe DaCosta

Chloe DaCosta, William A. Dart Scholar


Chloe DaCosta
2015 William A. Dart Memorial Scholar
Marymount Manhattan College, NY, Dance and Body Sciences, with a Biology Major

Currently in her third year of studies in Dance and Body Sciences at Marymount Manhattan College in New York, Chloe is combining her interest in physical therapy and sports medicine with her passion for dance.

Her intense involvement in the art of dance and the sciences has led to an interest in Rehabilitation Medicine. This summer Chloe completed an internship with a physiotherapy clinic where she was able to combine her classroom learning with clinical experience working within a professional.

At school, Chloe’s inclination to help others and natural leadership skills resulted in her being selected as a Cultural Peer Leader. She is responsible for orientation and ongoing support of incoming international students at Marymount.

In 2016 Chloe attended the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada with fellow Minds Inspired scholar Kirsten Ebanks. “It was absolutely inspiring and opened my eyes to the world of change and the amazing impact that young people can make”, Chloe said of her experience.

Chloe was selected to audition with talent agencies in Orlando and New York, where she participated in performance and dance training and gained exposure to casting directors for the film industry and Broadway-related corporations.

Chloe, we applaud your talent in both the academics and the performing arts. 

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