Minds Inspired was recently invited to visit Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) camp, organised by the Cayman Islands Family Resource Centre, to lead campers in a STEM-themed activity.

The five-day camp, supports young children through activities that teach how to handle emotions, how to make better choices and problem solving skills. Different community organisations volunteered to lead a thought provoking activity that also demonstrated how learning can be fun.

First, Minds Inspired paired up the 28 students ranging in ages from six to eleven to play a game called “Will it sink or float?” For this challenge, each pair had to review a list of items to determine if they would sink or float when placed in water. They made their guesses then watched as each item was tested.

Next, the campers were challenged to use teamwork and critical thinking to construct boats made out of one piece of foil. Each team designed a boat and tested its buoyancy. The vessel that held the most cargo (pennies) before sinking won the challenge.

Dart Senior Education Programmes Manager Glenda McTaggart guided the students through the activities and said the event offered a good opportunity to teach a science and engineering lesson about buoyancy that ignited their creativity.  “I was delighted to see a wide range of designs from the campers. They used their imaginations to produce a variety of boats, ranging from simple pouches to complex cylinders.”

Minds Inspired hosts a full calendar of programmes and activities focused around STEM throughout the year. Visit the about page for more information.