In celebration of Engineering Week, Dart Minds Inspired and Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) partnered to host a special screening of “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” for a select group of local high school students on Friday, 22 February.

Approximately 130 students from seven high schools across Grand Cayman gathered at the Camana Bay Cinema to watch the award-winning documentary feature and experience presentations from 10 engineers from both Dart and CUC.

Dart Education Programmes Manager Glenda McTaggart says the students were recommended to attend the event by their teachers as a result of their strong interest in engineering.

“I am delighted to see so many young people interested in STEM and, in particular, engineering,” she says. “This event was an incredible opportunity to connect interested students with local STEM leaders.”

Dart and CUC employees with backgrounds in mechanical, civil, electrical, geotechnical and biological and power engineering explained their educational backgrounds and career paths, took student questions, and highlighted the career opportunities in engineering.

Dart Executive Vice President of Development Planning & Asset Management Justin Howe says engineering presents exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

“An engineering degree is a very sought after and highly paid qualification, increasingly so in the connected world in which we live. It is the passport that opens opportunities throughout the world in careers that are interesting, challenging and well paid,” he says.

CUC President Richard Hew says that engineers shape the world we live in.

“Engineering is about making the world a better place and improving quality of life. CUC is anticipating that some of these students will become engineers in the future,” he says.

Their insights had a clear effect on the student audience and, when Mrs. McTaggart asked how many students felt empowered to pursue a career in engineering, the theatre was full of raised hands.

“We are proud to continue to emphasise STEM in the Cayman Islands, partner with like-minded organisations to promote STEM careers and host events that help young people engage with local innovators and leaders,” she says.