Twenty Caymanian students, the first wave of Dart’s 2018 Minds Inspired summer Work-X students, are off to a promising start and working in areas as diverse as Finance, Marketing, Business Innovations, Human Resources and IT.

“Work-X is competitive, we regularly receive more than 100 applications for 30 spots each summer” said Glenda McTaggart, Manager Education Programmes.

While at Dart, students gain valuable experience contributing to active projects, designed to meet real business objectives. They also benefit from the mentorship afforded them, from working side-by-side with professionals throughout Dart’s businesses who teach them about their field of interest and help them plan the next steps in their careers.

In return, Dart gets a sneak peek at Cayman’s future workforce and the benefit of Work-X students who bring their curiosity, intellect and the fresh perspective of Cayman’s next generation.

Start to finish, students in Dart’s Work-X gain valuable experience. They:

  • Apply through the career portal, submit their resume and interview for a position;
  • Take part in professional development opportunities and
  • Participate in employee activities such as the recent Dart Challenge, a ½ day team competition organised by Dart’s Wellness Committee.

By the end of the summer Dart will have had over 30 Caymanian students working in its businesses.