Ken Dart’s strong belief in the power of education was influenced by his family who long believed in the transformative power of education - both for the individual and for society in general. Dart translated this belief in the power of education into exciting programmes, initiatives and work experience – Minds Inspired; and Cayman’s pre-eminent local scholarship programme, Dart Scholar.

Minds Inspired was established in 2012 as an education enrichment programme for high school students in the Cayman Islands. With a focus on STEM subjects, Minds Inspired also offered annual high school and university scholarships; and as Minds Inspired has grown in sophistication and complexity, so has its popularity. The same is true for the scholarships, which are increasingly seen as the Islands' premier educational awards.

Today, the two areas of activity - educational enrichment and scholarships - have evolved into two parallel programmes: Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar.

Minds Inspired is an exciting collection of STEM activities, programmes and events designed to challenge and inspire Cayman’s youngest and brightest minds. While the name remains the same, the brand received a refresh that is bold, exciting and designed to appeal to young, digitally focused minds.

Dart Scholar is new but based on the same concept of helping to create Cayman’s next generation of business and community leaders. Both the high school and university scholarships are highly sought after, demand educational excellence and provide Dart Scholars with unrivalled opportunities.

Distinctive and yet associated, Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar together represent a remarkable world of possibility for bright students in the Cayman Islands.