MI Careers — Dart’s new digital career fair — provides information and guidance on STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and is now live on mindsinspired.ky.

The digital career fair features Dart employees who graduated from high schools in the Cayman Islands talking about their current roles and personal career paths. New content will be added on an ongoing basis with career spotlights posted every month, a library of downloadable career-path brochures and a resources area.

Teachers are encouraged to explore the digital career fair during class and if they, or their students, want to learn more or have questions, they can contact Minds Inspired through the site to schedule virtual sessions.

“The Minds Inspired Digital Career Fair connects classrooms to careers using the digital tools that we’ve all, at an unprecedented scale, become accustomed to using this past year,” says Dart's Senior Manager of Education Programmes Glenda McTaggart. “We believe that immersive STEM experiences in school help students envision themselves in a future that includes STEM and, hopefully, they will emerge as business and community leaders who fully embrace the importance of STEM to our future.”

Dart’s continued investment in Minds Inspired provides access to digital content and experiences that engage students, and educational tools such as the digital career fair help build foundational knowledge and broaden students’ understanding of — and engagement with — STEM.  With technology advancing at a quickening pace, jobs of the future, no matter the industry or level, are going to involve technology and those who study STEM fields will have numerous career opportunities available to them.

Dart’s Education Programmes — Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar — were established to develop stronger communities and promote educational excellence in the Cayman Islands. The focus on STEM is rooted in Dart’s belief that these four disciplines are fundamental building blocks for both academic and career success. All Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar activities embody the Dart family’s approach to, and philosophy of, pursuing educational excellence in STEM subjects.

This article originally appeared in the September 2020 issue of the Camana Bay Times.