Thirty students, representing six high schools across Grand Cayman put their mathematical abilities to the test at this years’ Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge, the third year of the Dart sponsored event on Friday, 8 May in the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

High Schools were encouraged to enter up to six of their best mathematicians into the half-day challenge where students were tested in a series of eight, 10-minute individual rounds before being randomly selected and placed in teams for an hour-long team competition moving from station to station answering ten challenge questions. This year, a suspense-filled lighting round tiebreaker was held to determine the champions of the team competition – a first for the Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge.

“The students truly brought their A-game,” said Glenda McTaggart, Manager, Education Programmes at Dart Enterprises Ltd.

“The Mathematics Challenge encourages students to push their academic abilities and critical thinking skills while putting their understanding of mathematics to the test. The students thoroughly enjoyed the individual rounds as well as the team competition which provided them with the opportunity to collaborate with maths students from other schools.”

The overall champion, Nikolas Wolfe attends Cayman International School (CIS), while the Year 11, Year 10 and Year 9 awards went to Erik Bjerkholt (CIS), Charlotte Hodkin (Cayman Prep and High School) and Dominic Owens (St. Ignatius Catholic School) respectively. The overall winner was awarded a $200 Camana Bay gift card and the honour of having his name permanently affixed to the Mathematics Challenge trophy; grade level winners received $100 Camana Bay gift cards. The winning trio in the team competition was a team of young ladies: Emma Turnbull, a Minds Inspired Scholar (Cayman Prep and High School), Kris Aleria (John Gray High School) and Kimberly King (Clifton Hunter High School), who each received Camana Bay gift cards valued at $50.

Students and organisers finished the event with an awards ceremony to celebrate the success of the winners, but also the success of all student participants whose involvement in the 2015 Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge is testament to their strength and knowledge of the subject.

“This year, we had a wider cross section of grade levels who showcased a high level of academic excellence. The questions, and added pressure of a timed event, adds a level of difficulty and students selected to participate should be proud they were chosen to represent their school. We look forward to hosting this event next year and seeing what 2016 brings,” added Mrs. McTaggart.

The focus on math and science is rooted in Dart’s belief that these two subjects are fundamental building blocks for both academic and career success and the Minds Inspired Mathematics Challenge embodies the Dart family’s approach to, and philosophy of, pursuing educational excellence in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) sciences. For more information on the Minds Inspired Education Programme visit,