Dart’s Junior Achievement Company “Island Totes” completed its foray in to the world of business with the successful sale of 82 tote bags and a donation of CI$600 to the Alex Panton Foundation.

Shipbuilding has always held deep intrinsic value for the Cayman Islands, once as a primary source of income and now, an emblem of our culture. Our maritime history is thoroughly documented in books, paintings, through oral tradition and even music.

Today, local teenagers are more likely to build virtual ships on their mobile devices than in real life, but a few fortunate students were able to design, build and sail their own crafts at the MI Academy Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering camp.

A team of students from Cayman will travel to Mexico City next month to take part in what is billed as the “robotic Olympics.”

Twenty Caymanian students, the first wave of Dart’s 2018 Minds Inspired summer Work-X students, are off to a promising start and working in areas as diverse as Finance, Marketing, Business Innovations, Human Resources and IT.

“Work-X is competitive, we regularly receive more than 100 applications for 30 spots each summer” said Glenda McTaggart, Manager Education Programmes.

Renowned chess player Grandmaster Hou Yifan brought her rooks and bishops to the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa for the second Grandmaster Corporate Challenge fundraiser in support of the Chess in Schools programme.

Congratulations to the John Gray Aqua Lasers Too and Layman E. Scott Brac Bots for representing Cayman at this year’s International SeaPerch Challenge at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.